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Bonus art – Snow


As noted before – while I’m working on correcting the Orcish tent issue on previous pages (which takes a lot of tracing/redrawing work I can’t just sit down and do without setting up a specific work station), I’ve been using my daily Tock Time* to finish up some bonus illustrations – which will be available as prints, in interest of my upcoming presence at Gears to Corsets, September 27th to 29th!

So here’s the third of those, featuring a piece I’d previously done as a pencil drawing for Gnomevember. Still a random Gnome noblewoman, taking it upon herself to experience snow for the first time.

Available as a 4×6 inch print!! Click here! 


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*For those of you who don’t know, because of my busy schedule, daily “Tock Time” means at least 15 minutes a day working on the newest page of the comic. Since I work traditionally, this usually means just sitting down with pencils pen and paper and physically creating each page. However, things have been different lately, due to the reasons listed above.

Sketch – Tock Wondering

Tock wonders what the princess might look like…

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