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“Pride Wings” – and an announcement!

Finished up last month’s Ranger bonus drawing for some self care (and to use for the new footer image for Webtoon episodes! ). There’s another one up today, we’re almost caught up to the current pages!
And that would make me nervous, exceeeeeeept:
🌼🎉With the generosity of my  patrons, I have hit my first goal on Patreon, which now guarantees monthly pages AND  upgrades the Ranger/Paladin bonus to an ink drawing instead of a pencil illustration!!! 🎉🌼
Imagine I am dancing with you, because I am. We’re making a beautiful Faerie ring together and I can’t wait, with your help, to grow Tock’s story and world more and more!
Extra shoutouts and patron-welcomes to Sarah, Aunt Nomie (who upped her pledge) and Bryndon, I hope you enjoy the extras and please comment/message me anytime if there’s anything you’d like to see more of. And to Kate, whose feedback is so constant and indispensable, my word. And to ALL of you – I treasure your support and faith in me. Truly.


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Promo – World Building Wednesday 86

Time for another patrons-only world building post, dear readers! One that connects directly to the most recent page and provides one more piece of the puzzle that is Onna Kin-breaker.
As you can see on page 96, Onna is stricken by the scars on the Hogdragons she’s sheltering with. At first glance, this may imply that the Hogdragons are being badly treated, BUT all is not as it seems…..


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Page 96


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Ta daaaaa, first full night scene page!! I have been dying to get to use this grey paper, and I am SO happy with how it looks. Test images of how I handled the green tones on it (since some of the pencils I use show up very differently here than on the white paper….and some not as differently as I’d planned!) are available in this and this WIP post(s).

As for the plot – yes, poor Onna 😦 But more shall be revealed as we move forward! I promise, I still believe in happy endings.

Thanks for your patience with updates -if the slow progress bothers you, keep in mind that we’re getting closer to my first goal here on Patreon, $50 monthly, which means I would guarantee a new page each month!! So if you’re not pledging yet but enjoy reading Tock’s story, please do consider signing up!

WIP on this and other pages here.


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“Tock the Gnome” webtoon update!



Episode 12 of “Tock the Gnome” is now available on Webtoon!

Contains existing pages 77 to 79, in the horizontal scrolling format that Webtoon features. All previous pages are available to read there, too! So if you haven’t read the comic, and you’re more of a fan of that manner of reading than page by page, please go take a look 💚 Link is above.


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Promo – World Building Wednesday 62 / Orctober the 16th


Time for another patrons-only world building post, dear readers!

Today, continuing with Orcish celebration, we are looking at how the Orcs use their written language – what is not recorded that way vs. what is.

Click here for the full post!


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Orctober 2019 the 10th


About one third there! 🙌

I feel like this Orc is newly married, and having received a flower from their beloved, feels very loved and blessed.

Also, a bird, because I needed one today 🍃

More on the Orcs of Tock’s world, including love and marriage, available here ❤ 


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Orctober 2019 the 5th


Back to something peaceful, inspired by the Autumn trees that are almost nearly out of leaves!

(Have I mentioned that I love Fall? I love Fall.) 🍃🍂🍁🍂🍃


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