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Sketch – Bucket Dance Night


Bonus sketch on the same day as a page update? Gasp!

First technically official drawing of all the crew of the Bucket together! Tock and Onna dancing, Eunan and his tea, Actia and her opinions, and Bumble and a hurdy gurdy (and his opinions too).

Curious as to who these mysterious characters are that haven’t been introduced yet? Keep reading ;p Or for sneak peeks, check out the “Tock the Gnome” patreon page!

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Page 68


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Traders and traitors….

Language note! You might have noticed that the speech bubbles of Onna and the other Orcs look like this:

// Words! //

That’s to indicate that they are, indeed, speaking in Orcish, so Tock and Bumble don’t know what they’re saying. Hopefully the first panel clears that up too.

All content © Rachel Terwilliger. Do not use, alter or redistribute without permission.

Bonus art – “The Chances”


Finally finished❤ Been picking at this one for a while now, and I was hoping to have it done last month while I was on a page production break, but  alas. Here it is now after all.

There’s two other bonus art pieces in the works right now, by the way, so hopefully I’ll get to work on those more soon too. In the meantime, Page 68 is on its way, and you can wonder at who these other folks might be with Tock and Onna….

Thanks, as always, for reading. And if you like, please consider supporting Tock on Patreon!

Two lovely features!

“Tock the Gnome” has been fortunate enough to receive two very kind features lately!

Firstly, fantasy writer/artist Stephanie Black (who I am lucky to call a friend) gave the comic an absolutely wonderful write-up on her page at dA. I am so grateful for her kind words! Click here to give it a read, as well as the recommendation she gives another awesome sounding series.

Thank you, Stephanie❤

Also, fellow comic artist and writer Alejandro Lee (of the very entertaining Steampunk Western “Sally Spocket and Piston Pete“) did a HUGE piece featuring many, many characters from many, many series, and he was nice enough to include Tock!

Here’s a closeup of Tock herself:


See if you can spot her in the big picture! Thanks so much, Alejandro❤

Also importantly, Tock and other characters have been drawn before by the wonderful GiantPanda from dA and Akili Amethyst.

more_and_more_of_eleanore_by_giantpanda thick_tock_by_giantpanda-d5ce6us art_trade__stained_glass__tock_the_gnome_by_akili_amethyst-d7cspdl

I am very thankful whenever I get to see Tock and her company drawn by others. So thank you very much to everyone who feels inspired by the story and characters and is kind enough to give them a shoutout, visually, in writing or otherwise!

And as always, each and every one of you is fantastic for reading. Thank you❤

Page Production Resumes!


Page production has resumed. Thanks to everyone for your patience while I took a break❤

A Faerie Moment


Finished version of the sketch/piece I’d been working on while I’m taking a break from page production (also posted at my main art site with more info about why I posted it that day).

Page production resumes this evening❤

Small page-production hiatus


So firstly, thank you to everyone who gave me feedback about my recent thoughts on publication for “Tock the Gnome,” and also to everyone who soothed my frustrations. I am very lucky to have followers like you.
After some very, very wise and welcome advice from people who have LOTS more experience than me, I am putting those plans on hold. I still hope to get published sooner rather than later, and I have a good handful of ideas for bonus material when I do publish, BUT I will not be taking the comic offline anytime soon.
I did let myself get way too emotionally involved in this idea, though, and as a result I am finding myself very burnt out and resentful. Impatience and perfectionism is just…. no.
I’m going to be taking a short break (like 30 days-ish) from making new pages, to recharge my batteries. The time that I usually use toward page creation (15 minutes a day, or more if I can spare it) will be devoted to some more lighthearted Tock work – just drawings, like the above WIP.

I will still try to post progress updates, notes, sketches, WIPs on illustrations, etc. on the Patreon page. And a month from today, work on pages themselves shall resume.
Thanks very much for your patience and for caring about Tock and her crew in the first place❤
P.S. If you’re not caught up or haven’t read it yet, now would be a great time to start!


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