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Call for Q&A questions!

Hey everyone! So, as part of “Seven Years of Tock” I’d like to do a Q&A for you!
If you have a question – something you’re wondering about, something you want to know about the world, or how I make the comics, etc. – please comment here or send me a message! At the end of the month, I’ll compile them in one big post šŸ™‚
Thanks as always for reading, and I look forward to see what you’re curious about!
(And don’t forget, we still have a print sale going on in celebration, too!)

Just a big thank you :)

Irises outside my home :)

Hey everyone, I’ve gotten a good handful of new followers here lately, so I just wanted to say that you’re awesome, and thank you! I’m very touched to have people reading this story as it comesĀ along.

That said, I’m hoping to have the next page finished soon – the inkwork is almost done, at this point – and I plan on getting some more sketchwork and things scheduled to post soon too.

Also, if there’s something in particular you’re interested in seeing, or have particular questions about Tock’s world, please feel free to e-mail, message or comment here!

I’m constantly exploring this world setup so I’d love to hear what you’reĀ interested in finding out about.

All that said, thanks again, and I hope you keep enjoying it šŸ™‚