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Gnomish Culture Bonus Material, part 2

The Gnomish royal family consists of their Queen, called Adamine, and her daughter, the Princess Bartelbia (the King, who was called Riordan, passed away from the side-effects of an experiment gone wrong several decades ago). Queen Adamine’s family has ruled since shortly after the technological revolution.

She is a kind but firm ruler, very focused on not only the security of her people, but also setting an example for them culturally. Despite the availability of airship travel, she has never visited the rest of the continent, in order to further set this example. It may seem at first glance that this does the Gnomes a disservice – keeping them “caged” in their own kingdom – but because she is a benevolent queen, it is assumed by her subjects that her motivations are for the greater good.

Very little is known by the public about Princess Bartelbia. Though she is of marrying age, she appears very infrequently, and says even little. Possible reasons for this are often the subject of street gossip, especially among the working classes.

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