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Junefae Tock content and WBW promos!

Including today’s, which is technically not Junefae anymore, but catchup is needed!

But firstly:


Day 3

From World Building Wednesday 91, in which we look at Dwarven smoke bombs – specifically, the ones Actia will be using in the comic proper.

Full post available here.


Day 7

And Sunday Gnomedays!!


Day 10

World Building Wednesday once more, in which we’re looking at a physical aspect of prayer to Carwen, Gnomish Goddess of Love and creativity, and Anosmia, Gnomish goddess of protection and destruction!

Full post available here ❤


Day 15

Featuring Tock, finally!!

(This dress and hat are coming up in the comic proper soon, at long last, and I am so excited!)


Day 17

This week, having taken inspiration from the content of the previous week – looking at a physical aspect of prayer to the Orcish sun god.

Full post available here ❤


Day 23

Featuring Onna, since Tock got to be featured earlier in the month! Hmm, that cog looks mighty familiar….


Day 24

This week, we’re looked a bit more at how Unicorns specifically act as guides to the Heart of Faerie, for those who know of and seek them.

Full post available here ❤


Day 25

Coffee Dragon!! For my coffee-devoted, Dragony Llove Llady Llama in particular, but I hope you love them too 💜 – and though not canon yet, eventually canon, as we will be getting to dragons someday!


Day 30

Ta da!!! “Tock is Pride 2020.” Tock is always Pride, and especially this month – Black Lives Matter, and Trans Lives Matter 🖤 May we carry justice and Faerie Love forward, no matter what month it is!


And now, for World Building Wednesday 95: a quick moment between Mariatu and Reina, queen of the Elves and one of Mari’s best friends – and what this moment means.

Full post (and mini-comic!) available here!


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“Pride Wings” – and an announcement!

Finished up last month’s Ranger bonus drawing for some self care (and to use for the new footer image for Webtoon episodes! ). There’s another one up today, we’re almost caught up to the current pages!
And that would make me nervous, exceeeeeeept:
🌼🎉With the generosity of my  patrons, I have hit my first goal on Patreon, which now guarantees monthly pages AND  upgrades the Ranger/Paladin bonus to an ink drawing instead of a pencil illustration!!! 🎉🌼
Imagine I am dancing with you, because I am. We’re making a beautiful Faerie ring together and I can’t wait, with your help, to grow Tock’s story and world more and more!
Extra shoutouts and patron-welcomes to Sarah, Aunt Nomie (who upped her pledge) and Bryndon, I hope you enjoy the extras and please comment/message me anytime if there’s anything you’d like to see more of. And to Kate, whose feedback is so constant and indispensable, my word. And to ALL of you – I treasure your support and faith in me. Truly.


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Happy Pride 2019!


Happy Pride Month everyone ❤

This piece counts as June’s Ranger level bonus for my patrons – viewable now, for all, as part of the Open House !

ALSO, as a special treat, all new and existing patrons at any pledge level will get a print of this image in the mail (along with a bonus sticker)! If you’re not pledging yet, just sign up by midnight on Sunday 6/30 to get one for yourself! ❤

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WBW 17, and Orctober 18 to 24

More catchup time ^^; Thank you for your patience, dear readers, its been a very trying week.

Firstly, time for another World Building Wednesday post, then catch-up in order.


World Building Wednesday 17 & Orctober twenty four, “Wise”


Tock is Pride

Happy Pride month, everyone!
(And an extra happy JuneFae too – as the fae surely believe that Love is Love ❤ May Tock and Onna be a shining example of that.)