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Orctober catchup – days 8, 9 and 10

More catching up to do! For the record, I have been pretty much keeping up posting these on time on my Instagram, but it’s less easy to keep up on posting these across ALL the places I post (here, Patreon, dA, etc.). So for more-live updates, I recommend  following me there, too.

That said, here we are with the most recent three!


Eight, “Friend”

Which inspired me to draw more about the Hogdragons that the Orcs use for travel – and companionship, in some cases.

(Look closely and there’s some backstory in this one!)


Nine, “Tusk”

Which got me thinking about the connection between their tusks and the bones they use in their jewelry.

And then jewelry on their tusks.

So here we are.

(…who does and does not have nose rings is important too, btw. We will get to that eventually.)


Ten, “Move”

As I mentioned before, the Orcs are nomads, and they use the hogdragons for travel from foraging-place to foraging-place (also to carry them into war, but that’s another matter). Since they also live in yurts, they often send some of the tribe ahead to start setting up camp while the rest of them take their time to get there. And apparently some of the younger tribesfolk take the opportunity to race!

More soon ❤ (And of course, more on the Orcs of Tock’s world available in the comic!)


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“Tock the Gnome” jewelry :)

So this isn’t for sale (if there ever is Tock jewelry for sale, trust me, you’ll know), but my amazing, amazing fiancee made some Tock-inspired jewelry for me this past Valentine’s Day and I wanted to share ❤


Look at this!  And this!  And this!  And this!  And that's me wearing it. Hullo.


Also, yup, that’s me. Hullo.

Next page next week.

Tock’s Parents, part 4

Finding that they had the same plan, they began working together – at first, just as friends.

That did not last very long.


All content © Rachel Marsh. Do not use, alter or redistribute without permission.

Tock’s Parents, Part 2

They grew up and set out alone to achieve their goals, which brought them to barter with the Miners in the Merchant’s Quarter of their city.

Then, one day, they happened to meet.


All content © Rachel Marsh. Do not use, alter or redistribute without permission.

Tock’s Parents, Part 1

Once upon a time, there were two Gnomes who felt alone in very different ways.

The boy, born of privilege to a successful family of inventors, wanted nothing more than to be a jeweler. He saw in precious stones a beauty that his parents, siblings and cousins did not.

The girl, born poor and orphaned early, had the same dream. Growing up with nothing, jewelry seemed to her the perfect symbol of wealth and beauty. She hoped that one day she could bring that to others, and herself in the process.


All content © Rachel Marsh. Do not use, alter or redistribute without permission.