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And getting Tock back to a more wonder-filled expression! Hmm, wonder what all this shapeshifting magicy magic means? 🤔…….🤫💗

Also! Panel 2, specifically the part where the Orc is shifting, counts for today’s Orctober 2020 the eighth! It will be posted separately for the challenge later, along with the first 7 entries (since I’ve neglected to post them here yet).

IMPORTANT PROGRESS NOTE –earlier this year, I had been laid off from my day job (which is currently a necessity to pay the bills) and while unemployed on that level, I had been able to produce pages MUCH more consistently than usual. I have now returned to my day job, which is impacting page production time and energy. Updates will continue every other week, for the time being. If returning to slower progress bothers you,  please consider pledging – even as a little as a dollar gets me closer to lowering my hours at my day job, and thusly, to more frequent updates! I appreciate each and every one of you who reads Tock’s tale, and look forward to progressing her story, with your help


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Orctober 2019 the 30th – WBW 63 promo


World Building Wednesday time! Which means, time for another patrons-only world building post, dear readers! (And last one of this most Orcish of months!)

This week, we’re looking at how Orcs currently deal with solar eclipses – and how they used to. All through the lens of a bonus, backstory short story, too!

Full post available here!


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Happy Pride 2019!


Happy Pride Month everyone ❤

This piece counts as June’s Ranger level bonus for my patrons – viewable now, for all, as part of the Open House !

ALSO, as a special treat, all new and existing patrons at any pledge level will get a print of this image in the mail (along with a bonus sticker)! If you’re not pledging yet, just sign up by midnight on Sunday 6/30 to get one for yourself! ❤

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WBW 17, and Orctober 18 to 24

More catchup time ^^; Thank you for your patience, dear readers, its been a very trying week.

Firstly, time for another World Building Wednesday post, then catch-up in order.


World Building Wednesday 17 & Orctober twenty four, “Wise”