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Promo – World Building Wednesday 81


Time for another patrons-only world building post, dear readers!

This week, we’re looking at a little Orcish lore: how they used to treat the forest, what they believe about themselves and magic – and how they came to worship the sun instead.

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World Building Wednesday 11 – Quiet Forests


One day late, my apologies! Here’s yesterday’s patrons-only world-building post.

This week we’re looking a little bit at the quietness of this tree, and it’s forest….

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Bonus art – “Only Natural”


“I want to live like animals
Careless and free like animals
I want to live
I want to run through the jungle
The wind in my hair and the sand at my feet”

– Savage Garden, “The Animal Song”


Happy Pride Month everybody! This was done for a project/kinda-contest over at deviantART, where I have done much much much of my networking and fanbase-building over the years. I am very grateful for all the acceptance I’ve found and the friendships I’ve built there, and though nothing’s ever perfect, that site has been a haven for me during many frustrating “real life” art conflicts. So, despite the usual life/comic/commission busy-ness, I had to join in the celebration!

(Also, selected submissions will be featured in a new Pride Flag widget on the website, so cross your fingers for me!)

The submissions had to be centered around one of the Pride flag’s colors and the meaning of that color. Of course, I had to pick green (for nature), and it had to be Tock and Onna ❤

(By the way, I hope none of you think this is a big big spoiler – I have intended this attraction to be obvious from the start. I promise there will be lots of fun story goodness in watching this play out against Tock’s quest. Ohohoho.)

This was inspired by the same-sex relationships found in nature. I wanted to do something a bit different though, so I chose lesbian does, gay male goldfinches, and non-binary pangolins (because….pangolins). And Tock and Onna together as a queer representation of Faerie.

Thank you all for continuing to stick with the comic – Tock and Onna and Bumble and all of their magical, messed-up world. If you’re celebrating this month, I send you SUCH love and I hope you have a fantastic time being truly you!
And again, thanks dA, for being a place for me to express my big gay self for so many years, now.

Gnomevember day 23

From yesterday.
Prompt – Gnome Home. This as such because the forest, the Earth, is home to these earth spirits ❤

Full prompt list linked in the About tab above.

Page 63

Page 63,

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Page 62

Page 62,

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Aaaaand we’re back to the main cast 🙂

Also, in case Bumble’s speech is too tiny – “I can’t BELIEVE you trusted this woman, knowing nothing about her and nothing for certain as to where she’s taking us AND after the first thing she did, by the way, was TRAP you and THREATEN MY LIFE!”

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Page 54

"Tock the Gnome," page 54

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Aaaaand page 54 is up sooner than I expected when I posted earlier this morning 🙂

Also, lots of unexpected fantasy genre activism going on here lately.

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