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WBW delay

Hello dear readers 🖤

It has been a really long week – on top of the stress of errands-running, I had some extra appointments (which I’m really grateful for, thank goodness for phone calls and Zoom meetings) BUT that’s been a lot more taxing on my energy than I expected. As such, World Building Wednesday is delayed. At best, it will be up later this week – at worst, it will resume next week.

To check out previous WBWs, click the ‘world building’ tag on my Patreon (link below)! Thanks for your patience 🎩💕


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Orctober catchup and Sunday Gnomedays 10-13-19

Thanks for your patience, everybody, while I was away at my brother’s wedding!

(These are not in numerical order, but follow my notes in the order the images are posted above, and it will all make sense.)

So, numbers 14, 12 and 15, first – all three of those being Tock-verse-framed BUT 14 and 15 being non-exactly-canon, as the Orcs are not exactly aware of broader Faerie (…yet) and don’t have magic (…at the moment).

And lastly, number 13/Sunday Gnomedays 10-13-19 – a non-Tock entry (gasp!) featuring Orc and Gnome of “Orc and Gnome’s Mild Aventures!” If you haven’t checked out their comic yet, DO! It is veryvery fun, and another adventure-based Orc/Gnome romance. Delicious ❤

Stayed tuned for more “Tock the Gnome” Orctober later today with World Building Wednesday! 


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Promo – WBW 43, and more Mermay catchup!

Time for another patrons-only world building post, dear readers! This week we’re looking at a bit more Mermish history connected to the magic we talked about last week. Inspired by Mermay day 14, “Nerd.”


Click here for the full post! (Including the full text of what Misu’s saying here.)

Aaaaand more Mermay catchup!


Another lovely feature!

As I’ve posted about before, I’ve been blessed enough that Tock has been featured by a few other artists in her history. I’m pleased to say that that has happened again – in a panel of MistyTang‘s new comic, “The Chronicles of Dru: Larger than Life!”

Not going to share the picture here since it’s not mine, but please click the link above, take a look for our heroine and then check out the rest of the comic!

MistyTang makes amazing stories, with a super fun style and a great balance of angst and fluff in her romances. I’ve been a fan of hers for a while, and look up to her as a writer/artist, so I am indeed fangirling a smidge.

And a shoutout again to all the other features I’ve gotten. Huge amounts of gratitude for all the Tock love, everyone. I am so honored.



Two lovely features!

“Tock the Gnome” has been fortunate enough to receive two very kind features lately!

Firstly, fantasy writer/artist Stephanie Black (who I am lucky to call a friend) gave the comic an absolutely wonderful write-up on her page at dA. I am so grateful for her kind words! Click here to give it a read, as well as the recommendation she gives another awesome sounding series.

Thank you, Stephanie ❤

Also, fellow comic artist and writer Alejandro Lee (of the very entertaining Steampunk Western “Sally Spocket and Piston Pete“) did a HUGE piece featuring many, many characters from many, many series, and he was nice enough to include Tock!

Here’s a closeup of Tock herself:


See if you can spot her in the big picture! Thanks so much, Alejandro ❤

Also importantly, Tock and other characters have been drawn before by the wonderful GiantPanda from dA and Akili Amethyst.

more_and_more_of_eleanore_by_giantpanda thick_tock_by_giantpanda-d5ce6us art_trade__stained_glass__tock_the_gnome_by_akili_amethyst-d7cspdl

I am very thankful whenever I get to see Tock and her company drawn by others. So thank you very much to everyone who feels inspired by the story and characters and is kind enough to give them a shoutout, visually, in writing or otherwise!

And as always, each and every one of you is fantastic for reading. Thank you ❤

Tiny Tock Tales – The Light Princess


I haven’t had much time to work on pages lately, due to catching up on other projects (commissions and gift art, that is), but I did this quick in-between. Drawing everybody tiny is one of my favorite things to do in the pages. So I think I might make a point of doing more of these, the crew as characters from other Fairy Tales.

So first off is The Light Princess, specifically taking from the musical version by Tori Amos (who I crazy adore) and Samuel Adamson. Onna as Digby, the Solemn Prince – Tock as Althea, the Light Princess – Bumble as Piper, Althea’s companion.

Some shameless self indulgence, yes, but very fun. And I highly highly highly recommend checking “The Light Princess” out.

Thanks for sticking with Tock and Bumble and Onna so far 🙂

Sketch – Meeting Xenos

Sketch, "Meeting Xenos," Tock the Gnome

This is not canon. No. No no no.

But I’ve been recently inspired by the work of MistyTang, and her character Xenos was so brilliantly terrible that my brain couldn’t NOT wonder what would happen if he visited Tock’s world.

(I meant for it to look like Onna’s holding Tock protectively, but I think it looks more like Xenos noticed that she was the only one open to him, and floated her up to him or something, so Onna’s now trying to hold her back. And Bumble shouldn’t be that tall, but that’s the only way he was getting in. Yay sketch flexibility.)

Read more about Xenos here 😀

Xenos © MistyTang, other characters and art © Rachel Terwilliger.

Fanart – “More and More of Eleanore”

I’m happy to report that we’ve recieved our first fanart, from GiantPanda of deviantART! 🙂

Looks like Tock’s friend Eleanore sized up a bit!

If you have or plan to do any fanart of the series, feel free to message me here, or send it to! Thanks so much, Panda!