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Tock, back from vacation!

Page production resumes today! 😀 Thank you for your patience, we had an amazing time.
And for funsies, here’s all the references in the drawing:
Tock – Belle’s gown, Thor’s helmet
Onna – sword of Shan Yu, Mickey ears in her hair, Ikran (from Avatar) on her shoulder
Bumble – scepter and crown of the Queen of Hearts, bag from Erin McKenna’s NYC Bakery
Eunan – Jedi robes
Actia – Ariel tail
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WIP – Some Brogh

WIP, some Brogh, pencil and ink

Today’s an important day for me, personally, and I won’t go into details BUT here’s some of the (upcoming) Badger People to mark the holiday.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day, everyone. Be careful if you’re out and about. And remember how rich Irish culture is.

Page 60

"Tock the Gnome" page 60

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