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Page 66 preview


Happy Orctober, almost over.

I was hoping to get this page fully done this month, since it’s the first official step into Orcish culture for Tock and Bumble, but alas. So here’s the layout thumbnail and some sketchy design work for a couple characters coming up.

And, one more sketch for the month of Orcish Awesomeness will be up on my main website tomorrow sometime :)

Page 65

"Tock the Gnome," page 65

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And Onna’s still there. Whoops.

Happy Orctober, everyone! <3

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Bonus art update at Patreon!


Sneak peek of the rest of Tock’s crew, and bonus art in general, available over at Patreon!

Thanks for any interest, and as always, for reading <3

Sketch – Priestess of Fizzlebott

Sketch, Priestess of Fizzlebott

Empowered, that is, using the magic of her god. Half of an unfinished sketch showing her and a priest of another deity. For more on the religion of these Gnomes, see here.

All content © Rachel Terwilliger. Do not use, alter or redistribute without permission.

WIP – The Chances

WIP, "The Chances," currently ink and pencil on paper

Finishing up some work on an illustration with Tock, Onna, and other important characters that will eventually be significant to them. Which you’ll find out about if you keep reading <3

Sketch – Tock for International Women’s Day

Pencil sketch, Tock for International Women's Day

Wanted to finish up something quick for this day of awesomeness. Be proud and free, everyone <3

“Tock the Gnome” on Patreon

Hi everyone, I just put “Tock the Gnome” up on Patreon.

Take a look see :)

The way I post things here isn’t going to change – I still plan on adding new pages as I make them, but now, if you pledge at the Patreon site you’ll get more bonus images, information, story bits, etc. than you would normally.

So thanks for reading always and please consider supporting the project. The more funds I get, the more pages i should be able to make, and the closer I am to a book.


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