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Page 74 Inkwork preview


When I say it’s coming along slowly, I do at least mean it IS coming along ^^; Full view of the inkwork is available for Patrons here .



All work © Rachel Terwilliger.

Gnomevember day 30


Prompt – Balance.

……and that’s it 🙂 Thank you so much for all the likes, and any looks in general. I hope each drawing brought warmth to your heart.

As for Tock-specifics, I’ll be doing a post of JUST the Tock-related ones soon, in case anyone missed them or wants to see them all together. And work on page 72 progresses, as does some bonus work for the Patreon page and the traditional Holiday bonus art ❤

Thanks again, especially for your support of Tock’s story and world.

Gnomevember day 22

From yesterday.
Prompt – Quest. So Tock and Bumble again 😀

(I will have to do a master post of all the Tock-related ones once the month is done…)

Full prompt list linked in the About tab above.

Gnomevember day 2 ! 

Prompt – First Kiss ❤
(Technically not Tock related, but I will be posting all Gnomevember drawings here anyway. Because, Gnomes.)

Full prompt list available at the About tab above.

Tock at Gnome and Fairy Fest!


So as promised, here’s a bit of the Tock-related stuff from the recent festival I vended at!

That amazing steampunk doily there was knit by my wife, from the leftovers of the yarn of my wedding shawl which she dyed and knit, too. She is unbelievable). It was a gift on my birthday, to encourage me to promote the comic like this at the show. Before that, I hadn’t had any official plans to do so, so her belief in me really moved and inspired me to make that display, and the Tock-specific business cards too.

The other business card, with the faerie on it, is for my more general work (which is, unsurprisingly, also mostly Faerie. At least in personal work).


Also, among the selection of my works I had printed, there were of course several Tock-related ones – either from the comic directly, or relating to Tock’s world.

At least two of those pieces are either exclusive at my Patreon, or haven’t been posted anywhere online at all 😀 Also, the bottom left piece – “Purity” – has been my best seller so far. I am grateful for Tock’s appeal (and I hope you enjoy seeing her in full color).

All of those pieces are now available for sale on my Etsy shop, by the way. Please take a look there for more info on each piece.

And thanks for reading, as always ❤

Welcome New Readers!

Dedicated to anyone newly visiting from “Gnome and Fairy Fest” this weekend! Thanks for your support, and I hope you enjoy Tock and her story!

Sketch – Faerie Times


Something I sketched up this week while trying to get over some blockage. I will be vending at a Gnome & Fairy Festival this October, and offering free coloring pages, so I hope to get this inked up in time for that too.