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Current Creative Status, in the face of all this fear

A related announcement….

Rachel illustrates : fantasy art and Faerie devotion

(understandable fear, but still.)

socialdistancing_tockthegnome(Illustration featuring the main three characters of “Tock the Gnome,” with Tock as a manifestation of my own panicked extroversion. Credit for the plague mask goes to my brilliant Wife!

Hi everyone 🌼 So as I’ve mentioned before, the massive emphasis on social distancing has led to a couple event cancellations for my art work (and layoffs at my day job). I know I’m not unique in either case, and I send the best vibes possible for us all to be okay financially AND keep creating – no matter how long this takes to be resolved.

On that note, I wanted to talk about where things are for “Tock the Gnome” and commissions.

“Tock the Gnome” page progress continues as normal – as will all Patreon bonuses for the foreseeable future. I massively appreciate everybody who is still pledging, and/but understand if that has to…

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World Building Wednesday 80 – Orcish Tent Correction Complete!!

Time for another world building post, dear readers – usually patrons-only, BUT viewable for EVERYBODY this time because today, we are FINALLY looking at the culmination of the Orcish Tent Correction process!!! 👏👏👏💚
ALL impacted pages have now been updated. Click below to take a look!
The design process for the new tents is viewable here, here and here.
A BIG thank you again to everyone, all readers and patrons, for your patience while I corrected these pages ❤
ALSO – it has been brought to my attention that many of the pages on here are busted!! I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that, so in the meantime, please visit Patreon for any rereads. Sorry for the inconvenience!



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Sunday Gnomedays 3-1-20

That weekly Gnome devotional I do, this week Tock-related! Please read the description for more info.

Rachel illustrates : fantasy art and Faerie devotion

IMG_20200229_210112_057Happy Sunday Gnomedays ❤  Featuring Tock of “Tock the Gnome” this time – and doubling up as this month’s patrons-only “In thanks” Bonus drawing!

Made public this month, trough the generosity of my existing patrons. Thanks everybody!

A note for non-patrons: this monthly bonus drawing is something I do as a patron-exclusive every 1st of the month. You can see more of these (both already posted and in the future), along with WIPs on the pages, other bonus art and stories, and weekly world-building by pledging! And every pledge gets us closer to more frequent updates, as more pledges mean less time at my day job and thusly, more time to work on new pages.

Click here for more info!

As for the image, here’s Tock as an avatar of the Gnomish goddess Anosmia. ……this was drawn during a low point a few weeks ago, but it helped, and I…

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Sunday Gnomedays 1-19-20

More Tock-related Gnomish devotional! Huzzah!

Rachel illustrates : fantasy art and Faerie devotion


A bit belatedly due to life’s demands this weekend, but here we are!

Floofy sheep in honor of my amazing Llove Llady Llama, as they vended at Vogue Knitting Live! this past weekend.

(They’re coming home today, AND it’s our 16 year dating anniversary, so I am just…..yay 💗 I feel very blessed that they’re still with me. Here’s a flashback to art of our most self-representative characters in my comic, in celebration!)

(I now highly recommend drawing floofsome hugs when you miss someone, btw.)

And since this Gnome is clearly “Tock the Gnome” framed, I think that little sheep got lost within the Gnomish cities, somehow, and this noble Gnome is bringing them back to the farms on the surface. Noble Gnomes don’t get to interact with the life above very much, so I’m pleased she looks so lovingly comforted by the task! (More on the Gnomes of Tock’s…

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Sunday Gnomedays 12-15-19

My weekly Gnome devotional, featuring Tock again! ❤ Make sure to read the text about a holiday patreon bonus!

Rachel illustrates : fantasy art and Faerie devotion


Happy Sunday Gnomedays everyone 🕯

And an extra hello to any new followers from the Little Red Wagon market this past weekend – you may have seen me working on this there, and I’m very excited to share it now! “Tock the Gnome” patrons, btw, can look forward to a special treat featuring this image for the holidays – any new sign-ups through this Friday, December 20th, will receive one too! Click here if you’d to check it out and sign up

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far. Remember to breathe and take care of yourselves. No one can give from an empty well. Not even Tock!🎄💕


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‘Tock the Gnome’ bonus for ‘Gears to Corsets!’

New art, prints and news!! ❤

Rachel illustrates : fantasy art and Faerie devotion


Hey everyone! This exclusive new “Tock the Gnome” piece was finished up specifically for Gears to Corsets, Cortland County Steampunk Festival – which I will be vending at this weekend!

So a) expect some radio silence from me until Monday or Tuesday (including my Etsy shop being closed for the moment). And b) because show prep has kept me very busy this month, and thus delayed some Patreon bonuses, I’ve written up a patron-exclusive short story about this drawing! Available to all my patrons, at any level.

Click here to read it – “Dietary Differences” 🍄

Hope you enjoy ❤ And if you’re in the central NYS area, hope you can stop by the festival! I’ll be there all three days (pushing Tock and Faerie whimsy, as always!).

Brightest blessings, everyone.


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Sunday Gnomedays 8-18-19

Rachel illustrates : fantasy art and Faerie devotion


Another swords-Gnome,“Tock the Gnome” style ⚔💕

Hope you’re having a peaceful and/or fierce day, lovelies.


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