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“Tock the Gnome” issue 3 now available!


Ta da!!!

Issue 3 is now available digitally, containing pages 58 to 84 plus four illustrated bonus scenes!

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Promo – World Building Wednesday 82


Time for another patrons-only world building post, dear readers!

This week, we have a short tale about the Gnomish afterlife – or that space between life and death.

Note: This is canon, but it certainly isn’t something Tock or Bumble or any other living Gnome is aware of. So, keep that in mind, and more on that as things progress….

Click here for the full post!


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Promo – World Building Wednesday 71


Time for another patrons-only world building post!! A bit late for World Building Wednesday, but still.

Inspired by my own thoughts on Elves , Gnomes and Dwarves , this week we’re hearing an Elven take on where the Gnomes of Tock’s world came from.

Full post and full drawing available here, for all patrons!

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Promo – World Building Wednesday 69

Time for another patrons-only world building post, dear readers!
This week we’re looking a bit more at Orcish religion, which has been touched on a bit here and here before. As stated, the Orcs primarily worship a masculine solar deity – but this has not always been the case….


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Orctober 2019 the 30th – WBW 63 promo


World Building Wednesday time! Which means, time for another patrons-only world building post, dear readers! (And last one of this most Orcish of months!)

This week, we’re looking at how Orcs currently deal with solar eclipses – and how they used to. All through the lens of a bonus, backstory short story, too!

Full post available here!


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Throwback Thursday – the family Corrigan

Feeling nostalgic for family stuff today due to things going on in my own life, so here’s a look back at young Tock and her parents! Click on each image to enlarge.


Click here for an exclusive related bonus scene!! ❤


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