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Hope in Peacenight-time

A short winter story with Tock and Eleanore (previously pictured here and here), pre-Rescue Quest.

Though winter usually inspires her, Tock finds herself upset one year, as romance after romance fails. In her beloved legends, magic (and love) is grand and dramatic. But sometimes, it just takes a friend’s realistic outlook to help one dream again.

Happy New Year, everyone. Thanks, always, for reading <3

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Happy Holidays! (2015)


May your season be filled with love and light, no matter what you celebrate or how things may seem. Blessed be ~<3

Sketch – Ayame


Reimagining an old character for her role in Tock’s story, way down the line. That’s all I’ll say for now <3

Page 66 is coming along very slowly, but still, on its way.

Tiny Tock Tales – The Light Princess


I haven’t had much time to work on pages lately, due to catching up on other projects (commissions and gift art, that is), but I did this quick in-between. Drawing everybody tiny is one of my favorite things to do in the pages. So I think I might make a point of doing more of these, the crew as characters from other Fairy Tales.

So first off is The Light Princess, specifically taking from the musical version by Tori Amos (who I crazy adore) and Samuel Adamson. Onna as Digby, the Solemn Prince – Tock as Althea, the Light Princess – Bumble as Piper, Althea’s companion.

Some shameless self indulgence, yes, but very fun. And I highly highly highly recommend checking “The Light Princess” out.

Thanks for sticking with Tock and Bumble and Onna so far :)

“Princess?” – series promo illustration

So here’s something I’ve been working on for a good while now – originally inspired by all the floofy princessy illustrations for a certain series I adore, but now, finished up as a promo illustration for this series.

Obviously speaking to Tock’s story as it is right now.

First official shot of the whole Bucket crew, and a vision of the Princess, of course :) Sorry for slight spoilers about as-yet-unrevealed characters. They’re all going to be very interesting together, so I hope you stick around.

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Sketch, Goddess Anosmia, as the Lady at the Gate

Pencil sketch - Anosmia, the Lady at the Gate

One of the religions that features most prominently in Tock’s life is the worship of Anosmia, the Gnomish Goddess of Destruction (Bumble’s family works with Her at least occasionally, as indicated here).

Anosmia has a lot of features and roles, and in this sketch, appears as a Guardian of the afterlife – guiding Gnomish souls from the physical world to the beyond. Which would indicate that in general, Gnomes belief in a world beyond after death that signifies eternal rest and may include reincarnation and/or punishment, depending on the value of their soul and what gods they served in life, etc.

More on part of the Gnomish pantheon here.

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“Mother’s Heart” and “Father’s Eyes”

Two pieces for this Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for my own parents, featuring Tock (and tiny Tock!) with her own parents.

I don’t get to show very much of them in the comic, but they are very important to her, so I wanted to honor that somehow for my own folks.

For more information on their story, see here and here’s another adorable sketch of them, too.

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