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World Building Wednesday 45 promo, Mermay catchup and Sunday Gnomedays 5-26-19

(Whew, lots today!)



Time for another patrons-only world building post, dear readers! This week, from Mermay day 28 – Snail, we’re taking a look at an extravagant behavior of the royal court during Misu and Mariatu’s time (waaay in the backstory).

Full post available here.

And for some catchup!


Day 19, “Noir”

Absolutely non-Tock ^^; But very fun to draw, to my surprise and delight.


Day 20, “Lilypad”

I was randomly inspired by giant lily pads – even though they’re not as pretty, they do look perfect for resting in! This Mermaid inspired by the Amazon river dolphin too, which makes this slightly non-canon again, as these Merfolk currently live only in the ocean.


Day 21, “Victorian”

In a very non-canon (or at least waaaaaaaay in the future circumstance), here’s a Mermaid using magic to visit the court of the Gnome queen. And she’s made a friend!



Day 23, “Skull” (and Sunday Gnomedays 5-26-19)

Not sure what these two are up to, but it feels ritualistic to me.  Again, Tock-world-ish but will have to count for the future since not many Gnomes in Tock’s time are off hanging out with Mermaids (or any another creatures they don’t believe in anymore!).


Day 24, “Hair”

Featuring Misu, as she is now. Couldn’t resist a classic flowing-hair closeup.


Day 25, “Old West”

Again, VERY non-Tock, and again surprisingly fun! This Mermaid inspired by the Spotted sea trout.


Day 26, “Tea”

Leading me to wonder how any Mermaids, including Tock-world ones, would be able to have tea at all….



Day 27, “Winged”

With a Tock-canon white-spotted-jellyfish-Mermaid manifesting water wings by loving herself fully, just as she is.

…Only three more to go!

Prompt list courtesy of the amazing Maegan Cook.  


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