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Promo – WBW 43, and more Mermay catchup!

Time for another patrons-only world building post, dear readers! This week we’re looking at a bit more Mermish history connected to the magic we talked about last week. Inspired by Mermay day 14, “Nerd.”


Click here for the full post! (Including the full text of what Misu’s saying here.)

Aaaaand more Mermay catchup!


Day 6, “Pastel”

The merfolk of this world haven’t had contact with the Gnomes in quite some time, but it seems a curious Bird Wrasse mermaid has found a misplaced cog. Hmmmm….


Day 9, “Coral” 

Something non-Tock, Featuring Lovely Magda from Lady Holly‘s “Draw This in Your Style” challenge 💕🌺💕

I really love the detail of the coral in her hair, so that seemed like a perfect setting for a moment of rest for this hardworking merlady (check out her creator’s page for better context).


Day 10, “Grotto” 

Another non-Tock entry – featuring my first try at “Sirens Lament” fanart, with Tua and Pele (who apparently needs some alone time).

(If you haven’t checked out this comic I HIGHLY recommend it. SO GOOD. I adore the main character’s strong, pure spirit and I wish SO much for Tua and Pele’s happiness. No spoilers btw, I just started season 2!)


Day 11, “Transformation”

So of course here’s Misu of much-mentioned backstory, her legs turning back into her natural tail as soon as they hit the water.



Day 12 (and Sunday Gnomedays 5-12-19), “Axolotl”

Drawn on Mother’s Day – I wanted to do something related to that theme too, so here’s an Axoltlmaid talking to her Gnomish friend about the beauty and importance of Mother Ocean.

🌊🌊 “The ocean is the beginning of the Earth / All life comes from the sea.” 🌊🌊


Day 13, “Jewel”

Which got me wondering… if Mariatu had cast her former rank-indicating forehead jewel into the ocean, what would have happened to it?

Prompt list courtesy of the amazing Maegan Cook.  


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