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Mermay catchup AND WBW 41 promo!


(This promo up a day late due to usual life insanity, though the full post was available on time ❤ )

Time for another patrons-only world building post! Based on Mermay day 8 – Witch!

Full post available here. 

And now for some catchup!



Day 2, “Umbrella” 

Someone’s creative travel solution may not be panning out…


Day 3, “Serpent”

An expecting Eel-mermaid of Tock’s world, protected by a sea serpent, naturally! (Who may or may not be her spouse in magically-shapeshifted form, for more threateningness.)


Day 4, “Rogue”

Had to be Sed, of course, sea pirate from the Misu and Mariatu section of the backstory! Here shown in her more general thieving days.


Day 5/Sunday Gnomedays 5-5-19, “Abalone”

More backstory with Misu presenting Queen Sera (mother of Queen Arella) with an abalone shell as a gesture of thanks and apology….😯🤫💕 More on these characters, and even more on those in Tock’s time, available on here for patrons!

~~~ Day 6 (to be presented asap), “Pastel” ~~~


Day 7, “Cephalopod”

How could I resist drawing some body positive Octo-merm self love?

(And for the record, I would say all these are Tock-world canon except for day 2!)

Prompt list courtesy of the amazing Maegan Cook.  


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