world-building and graphic novel in-progress

WBW 17, and Orctober 18 to 24

More catchup time ^^; Thank you for your patience, dear readers, its been a very trying week.

Firstly, time for another World Building Wednesday post, then catch-up in order.


World Building Wednesday 17 & Orctober twenty four, “Wise”

This is a Volda from Orcish culture, she’s a shaman-prophetess based on the volva of Viking history (where much of the inspiration for these Orcs comes from. Except for Yurts. Yay yurts). This week we’re looking a little more about a Volda’s role in the tribe, beyond the seriousness I previously wrote about them.

Full post available here.

Eighteen, “Pride”


For the Orcs of Tock’s world, there is no greater point of pride than their heritage and the survival of their tribe. So this is a canon future moment – when Chieftain Keesa passes away, her daughter Venka will succeed her and keep their people safe, as she did, and as their ancestors have before.

This surety gives Keesa a lot of faith and hope, considering the other situation in her life that she can’t change….

(Venka is the lady Orc with a baby that’s been seen in recent pages, by the way.)


Nineteen, “Cairn”

These structures would actually be put up by the Brogh, whom the Orcs consider enemies, but even they must see the beauty and peace in them (even if they must knock them down in wartime!).


Twenty, “Swim”

Despite the Viking-inspiration, these Orcs are land-based, and though their home borders the ocean, they don’t go there terribly often. Most, therefore, don’t get to enjoy swimming – but those that do might get a surprise!!


Twenty one (and Sunday Gnomedays 10-21-18), “Faerie”

As in the fact that Orcs, and Gnomes, and ALL are Fae ❤

There is a lot of darkness in the world right now, so I tried to make this a bit more hopeful. However that is impacting you, I hope you’re taking care of yourself and remember that you are loved.

(……it was also “supposed” to be a random Orc and Gnome, buuuut Tock and Onna insisted.)


Twenty two, “Family”

Featuring a random assembled family of Orcs and their home yurt

(…and I believe they’ve banded together as a found-family after other losses in the wars.

Aaaaand I feel like this is a title image from a cheesy 90’s sitcom about them).


Twenty three, “Wound”

Which I think speaks for itself 😀

~** We’re almost there my fellow Orcthusiasts, hang in there! **~


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