world-building and graphic novel in-progress

Welcome Directory


Greetings to any new visitors coming here from Ithaca NY’s Comics for Collectors!

Here’s some quick links to get you started:

Click here to start reading the comic!

Click here for the archive, which includes all comic pages and written stories.

Click here to visit my etsy shop for art prints and felted fairy dolls.

Speaking of the etsy shop, that will be updated later this week with print issues of the first issue of the comic – it’s all free to read online now, but that edition features three bonus stories with illustrations (AND each first printing is signed and comes with a bonus print!). Digital downloads of the issue will also be available. Other bonus material is already available over on Patreon.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy my work! If you have any questions, please e-mail anytime. Love and light ~~*


 Check out “Tock the Gnome” on Patreon ~*~ Buy me a coffee ~

All content © Rachel Terwilliger 2018.


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