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Goodbye Notes

~** Happy Seven Years of Tock again! **~

My intention today was to post an old sketch of Tock’s mother confronting a friend of Tock’s about where she’s gone – BUT, I forgot that I had un-canon’d that, to make Tock’s leaving of them more responsible.

As such, here’s two newly-canon Goodbye Notes – the one Tock left for her parents, and the one Bumble left for his family.

Hope you enjoy them, and stay tuned for even more goodies next week! ❤


(Left for her parents on their kitchen table, with flowers,  before she went to ask Bumble to go with her.)


Dear Mum and Pop,

Remember that legend I used to go on and on about? With the Elf Princess on the floating island?

Well, I believe she exists, and I am going to go find her and rescue her. All the stories say she’s guarded by some danger or another, and even if she’s not – she’s all alone, and that’s no way to live. 

I’m taking Bumble with me, I’ve packed plenty of warm clothes and I promise to be as careful as I can. I’ll be back in a few months, hopefully not by myself 😉

Take care of each other in the meantime! 

Love love love, Tock


(More backstory on Tock’s parents and her relationship to them available here: Promo – Part 123456 )



(Written in rationalization that he’s not going for his own reasons, and slipped under his second eldest brother‘s door before he went to steal the ship.)



I must tell you something odd. Please don’t panic.

I’m going on a quest with Tock. She wants to rescue a legendary princess from a story about a floating island, and dragons, or something… I know it sounds crazy, but you know Tock as I do, so I know that you know she would do something like this. And I know that you know I can’t let her go alone.

We’ll be taking one of the ships. I don’t know how long it will take to prove to Tock that there is no princess or island, but I do promise to return it as soon as I can.

I do not know what to tell Father. Or the others. I am sorry to leave that to you, but I trust that you will do what’s best.

Please pray for our safe return.

Ever your grateful brother,


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