world-building and graphic novel in-progress

Page Creation, part 1

So, for those of you who like behind-the-scenes sort of things, here’s how I plan out the pages before I begin drawing them.

First, I do rough thumbnails of groups of pages at a time. The image above shows the plans for pages 33 to 36. I sketch out the panels and the layout of the people and places in each one, making notes about what’s happening and about the dialogue as I go (the sections that I blurred out contained spoilers, sorry guys).

Once I’m satisfied with those thumbnails, I measure out each page on a new piece of paper, leaving room on the side to draw the thumbnail for that page again.

I actually do all of this out of my sketchbook, which may not seem as official as some would like, but I appreciate the ease of working with something I can travel with and work anywhere. Each page is 8 by 8 inches, while the thumbnails are probably about 2 by 2. I draw the new thumbnail space closer to the top of the page to leave room for notes again. Once everything is measured out, I then sketch the layout in the thumbnail and write out the dialogue below it.

Above example is from page 37.

After this step I move on to measuring out the panels themselves and actually drawing the page, but I’ll likely do a post on that some other time.


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