world-building and graphic novel in-progress

Upcoming update schedule

Okay, some good news and bad news:

Good news first – I do have my computer back! Which means I’ve gotten some updates scheduled again, starting with Page 31 for next Monday, May 7th.

Bad news – its still not totally fixed. The original problem was that the monitor died, and its a laptop, so that’s kind of a big deal. I’m using an external monitor as a short-term solution, but its already driving me crazy (I’m constantly looking left as I use it) so I plan on taking it back to the shop very, very soon.

That said, Page 31 is now scanned and set to post on Monday.

The week after, May 14th, will be a filler sketch while the computer is (theoretically) in the shop again.

The week of May 21st, if I have my computer back and in total working condition, should be Page 32. And at that point, we’ll be back to regular updates (again, if everything’s fixed and shiny).

Thanks, as always, for your patience. Hope you look forward to Monday 🙂


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