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An Update on Computer Issues

Seeing as I haven’t posted much of anything since March 26th – when I announced I was having computer issues – I figured a bit of an explanation is in order.

As of last week, the guy I took my computer to had pretty much given up on getting it fixed. Instead, he wanted to get the computer back to me so I’d at least be able to hook up an external monitor and use it that way. However, to add insult to injury, he had a power outage while my computer was plugged in, which corrupted Windows.

As of last night, he was working on moving all of my files over to another hard drive, to then reinstall Windows and transfer them back. I asked him to let me know as soon as he’s done fixing that (since it was HIS fault), and then I’ll hopefully be picking it up, still broken as it is, by the end of this week.

At that point, I will be taking it ELSEWHERE to be fixed for real.

Thanks to everyone for your patience in this, especially since this happened right after I came back from hiatus and has prevented updates AGAIN. We’ll be back to regularly scheduled updates – including the next page, which is already done – the moment I get my computer back and can get things scanned.


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