world-building and graphic novel in-progress

Tock returns early!

Earlier than expected, anyway.

None of my ideas for Gurukitty’s “Once Upon a Time” anthology have worked out at all, and at this point, its too late for me to start another one (the deadline is March 30th). As is often the case, timing between that and what’s going on in my life is just bad. Honestly, I’m quite disappointed – I very badly wanted to be a part of that project, as it speaks so much to me, but I need to accept that its not going to work out and move on.

That said, the silver lining is that “Tock the Gnome: The Rescue Quest” will be returning sooner than I planned 🙂

I’m still going to hold off on bringing back pages immediately, due to certain circumstances in my personal life (more on that at my illustration site tomorrow), but for now the tentative return date is March 1st.

Thank you all so much for your patience during this – even though the reason for the hiatus didn’t work out as planned, I still swear it will have been worth it.

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