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Page delay, beginning of Filler

As I mentioned in the “Ask Tock” post a couple weeks ago, I’ll be posting filler material again soon, due to a big cross-state move I’ll be making at the end of the month. The original plan was to post one more page before the filler, but that isn’t working out as planned.

So, instead, I’ll be starting the filler material next Monday, April 18th. I am sorry for the delay on the pages, but with everything that has to be done before we leave, its pretty much unavoidable. Still, I have something interesting planned to keep you entertained until life gets settled again.

In place of normal updates, I’ll be sharing the story of two characters we won’t get to meet in-canon for a while:

Tock’s parents.

From now until June 6th (when normal updates resume) I will be posting weekly updates about these two. Information will be paired with sketches, giving a look into how they met, and how they brought Tock into the world.

I apologize for the delay on the main story, but if you like back-story, this will be well worth it. Thanks for reading!

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