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dElfcember day 9, Sunday Gnomedays 12-9-18

And another 🙂

Rachel illustrates : fantasy art and Faerie faith

IMG_20181209_132947_807Prompt – Candle.

So here’s Mariatu and Arella, of “Tock the Gnome” backstory, with hope and peace (such that one of them didn’t get to know in their time….).

Prompt list from @monicamarinhoart.


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dElfcember, days 1 through 8


Rachel illustrates : fantasy art and Faerie faith

So I fell into another drawing challenge ^^;

I am very, very busy with commissions right now, but I’m going to do what I can to squeeze these in for fun in-between. As you might have guessed, I’m leaning towards world-building for “Tock the Gnome” again (….<3 ) but any spoilers will be tagged/noted and I will probably include a good smattering of Tolkien-style Elves (and maybe some “Elfquest” ones too!).

Here we go! Prompt list from @monicamarinhoart.

IMG_20181203_100404_630IMG_20181203_100404_629Day 1, “Holly.” – also counting as 12/2’s Sunday Gnomedays.

IMG_20181203_112614_638Day 2, “Tea.”

IMG_20181203_143606_369Day 3, “Reindeer.”

IMG_20181204_104233_916Day 4, “Winter Elf.”

IMG_20181205_075634_439Day 5, “Pine Tree.” (Available with bonus information for “Tock the Gnome” World Building Wednesday here!)

IMG_20181206_122007_992Day 6, “Snow.”

IMG_20181207_135730_496Day 7, “Moon.”

IMG_20181208_132639_899Day 8, “Owl.” – Our first specifically Tolkien-style Elf of the challenge!

Aaaaaand Bonus dElfcember available here for patrons, in the form of this month’s Thank You drawing

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Gnomevember 2018 days 28, 29 and 30 – COMPLETE!

Challenge completed!

Rachel illustrates : fantasy art and Faerie faith

Catching up, and challenge over!!

IMG_20181128_095624_716Day 28, “Spiritual”

Featuring two priests of two different “Tock the Gnome” deities – also, the basis of this week’s World Building Wednesday on Patreon. Check it out for more information on their goddesses and priesthood.

IMG_20181129_113542_821Day 29, “Fashion”


As these Gnomes are steampunk/Victorian inspired, I couldn’t resist ❤ Tock herself doesn’t get to rock a bustle very often (since its not as conducive to adventuring) so this was a treat to draw.

IMG_20181129_114439_751Day 30, “Balance”

Ending with Tock herself, looking more piercing and real than usual, surrounded by some vague and creeping symbolism….

That said, CHALLENGE COMPLETE!!! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the “Tock the Gnome” focus on this (and on Orctober last month). I definitely had fun. Please do check out the comic if you haven’t yet and want to see more of this world!

More Gnomevember here 🍄


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Gnomevember 2018 day 27 – Snow

Getting caught up again – we’re almost there, dear readers!

Rachel illustrates : fantasy art and Faerie faith


Yesterday was quite busy, so thank you very much for your patience again ❤

I’ve written so much about how most “Tock the Gnome” Gnomes live their lives inside the mountain, I wanted to show someone marveling at the outside, instead.

(By the way – in addition to the farm-Gnomes we’ve already learned about, there is another group of Gnomes who would have to deal with the winter weather more directly…. My original plan for this prompt was to feature them, but that didn’t work out. Guess we’ll have to learn more about them in the future!)

More Gnomevember here 🍄


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Gnomevember 2018 days 25 and 26

Rachel illustrates : fantasy art and Faerie faith

More catchup!

IMG_20181126_122759_997IMG_20181126_122759_998Day 25, “Nemesis”

In “Tock the Gnome,” it has been a long time since anyone saw a Troll , but the legends Tock holds so dear feature them often enough.

Always changeable, always wise, always dangerous.

This Gnomish adventurer of the past seems to have stumbled upon a very large one – perhaps they were napping amongst the earth, disguised as a boulder, which she happened to step on? Though the stories would say otherwise, I can’t help but hope they leave each other peacefully 💫

IMG_20181126_130818_777Day 26, “Flight”

Tock-verse Gnomes might not have faerie wings, but who says they can’t build them?

(Featuring the husband of one of the characters shown with Tock in a previous entry, and his apprentice. Can you guess who he married?)

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So much hurt, on both sides :/

(Shameless bonus promotion – those of you who are Patrons should be able to figure out most of what’s being said here with the Orcish Language Guide! There are some new words in here, which will be updated in part 2 of the Guide when there’s enough of them. But if you’re curious, most of this page and all the pages before it is/are decipherable through the first part!)

Thanks for your patience with this page too -if the slow updates bother you, keep in mind that we’re getting closer to my first goal here on Patreon, $50 monthly, which means I would guarantee a new page each month!! So if you’re not pledging yet but enjoy reading Tock’s story, please do consider signing up! Especially if the waiting is a bother ^^;

In the meantime, I hope you’ve been enjoying Gnomevember and look forward to the holiday bonus drawing! (Patrons will be getting a little something extra special this year, btw ❤ )

And don’t forget about my Shop Small Sale going on, now through Cyber Monday! Patrons-only bonus discount available here.

NOTE: There are some errors in the text of panel 5, from scanning, that I didn’t catch before. I will have those fixed up later today.

UPDATE: Panel 5 is fixed!


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