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Sketchy notes – pages 36 to 45

Here’s something for those of you interested in how the story gets written.

The meeting of characters that we’ve seen in the last few pages was originally supposed to take place in a tavern. Tock and Bumble were going to land The Bucket without any problems, walk into the Orc settlement they’d chosen without too much hassle, and find a much more settled people than it turns out my Orcs are going to be like. Entering a combination tavern/general store (…yeah, I know), Bumble was going to head off to barter the goods they brought with them while Tock gathered information. So she would have been alone when the events of Page 45 took place. Well, except for the other Orcs in the establishment too.

Then this happened in my sketchbook, and that idea got thrown out the window:

Notes, sort of, for the last 10 pages.


(Yes, that’s how my handwriting actually looks. And certain names have been smudged around a bit, to avoid minor spoilers.)

Usually pages get planned out a bit more organized-like than this, but apparently the creative process had a different idea for this part of the story. At least on the most basic planning level.

Notes/design for the trap Tock’s in



Obviously it was tweaked a bit during the process of drawing the last page, but this is what I had in mind.

Also, fun fact: originally the trap was going to grab both Tock and Bumble, but I couldn’t figure out how to make that work well enough. As it is, it works better for the story, anyway.

(You’ll see what I mean in about 3 pages.)

Some quick notes


Page two will be up later today, but in the meantime, I just wanted to mention a couple of things.

From now on, there will be a note at the bottom of each page, saying “click the image to view it larger.” The layout I’ve chosen for this site shrinks the pages down when I get them set up to post. I’m working on figuring out how to fix that, but in the meantime, I hope you don’t mind the extra click.  Also, I’m still working on the “about” and “characters” pages, and setting up the archive, so thanks again for your patience while I figure this out. It’ll be worth it.

And finally, of course, many many thanks for stopping by. I hope you continue to keep an eye on Tock :)


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