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Page 51

"Tock the Gnome," page 51

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Happy new year, everyone :)

Also, still watermarking the pages now, and I didn’t do as much editing post-scan on this one. Please let me know if looks different in a bad way. And of course, thank you for reading.


Happy Holidays

Happy holidays from Tock and her crew!


Just a quick wish for a happy holiday season, to you and yours, whatever you celebrate :)

Thanks for reading. Hoping to end the year with Page 51, and fingers crossed for a more productive 2014.

Sketch – Quiet moment

"Quiet moment" Tock the Gnome, sketch

Another little something in the meantime.

The as-not-yet-identified Orc lady Tock and Bumble have just encountered, looking peaceful….but really more of an excuse for me to draw her hair :D

More finalized work will be coming once I can focus on pages again, so hopefully soon. I’ve also been doing some character development in-between commission work lately, world-building, and brainstorming plans for the first published book. So even though I haven’t been able to post much or update the comic itself, things are still in the works, and thanks to all of you who are still keeping an eye out here!

Sketch – Tock and the Orc Lady

Soooooo still working on updates, but in the meantime, here’s an ancient sketch of our heroine and her newly-acquired-and-hopefully-obvious love interest:

Pretty sure this was done in pen on scrap paper at a job I had at least 3 years ago now.

(I feel I’ve come a ways in terms of Orc Lady’s character design. And yes, she has a name, we’ll get there soon.)

Just a quick thank you, in the meantime

Hi everyone. I just wanted to say thanks for your interest in my work, particularly this comic.

Below is a screencap of WordPress’s activity tracker for this site, in terms of visits, for this past year. I know I haven’t been posting a lot these last few months, but I’m still very flattered that so many people have taken a look at Tock and her story, and at how widespread those visits have been.

Wow, look at all of you, my goodness!

I’ve been catching up on other paid work recently, and still dealing with life-stuff, but big things are in the works. I hope to have another update soon, with hopefully some sketchwork or notes even sooner.  I’m also currently working on a plan for the first published volume, which will start happening once I get to a certain point in the story (which is a bunch more pages from now, but still). It may not always look like it, but this comic is still very important to me, and I hope to make something from it that really speaks to people.

So again, all of my thanks. Hope you’ll see more here soon :)

Sketch – The Sprizzenfritz Family

Bumble's blood relations


A sketch I started a while ago, and just finished up, of Bumble’s immediate family (minus Tock). Lots of menfolk involved in Sprizzenfritz Airships, looks like….

Page 50

"Tock the Gnome," page 50

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Finally back to working on pages again :)

Also trying out a little something new – putting watermarks on the pages. Please let me know if its distracting/bothersome/etc.

Also also, for those of you reading from New York State, I’ll be attending the New York Faerie Festival tomorrow afternoon. Not as a vendor, just for fun. But still, if you see me there, feel free to say hi.

And thanks, as always, for reading.


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