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Just a quick note about where things are

Hi everyone! Thanks as always for keeping an eye out.

Page 53 is very, very nearly done. I hope to get it finished today, and posted later this week. A while ago I’d also queued some sketchwork posts, and I think they’ve all been posted now, so updates will be a little less frequent for a short time (until I can get more sketchwork done and scanned).

As far as planning goes, I do have the next 5 pages mapped out as well as a rough draft of the plot that will cover many more. The way I work, I only map out the specifics of a few pages at a time, to see how the layouts will flow togetherl. I write out the specific dialogue – like what each character is actually, specifically saying – at that point. But before that part of the process, I do write the conversation out in general as I work out where the characters are going next. And of course, I have a general idea of where the story’s going (and an endgame in mind), which may or may not manifest the way I expect.

I’ve also been drawn to brainstorm a lot lately about two races on Tock’s world that we won’t get to see for a long time, but who’s history is very important as to how Tock’s world is now…..

I guess that’s all for now, so hopefully I’ll have more to show you soon :)

Just a big thank you :)

Irises outside my home :)

Hey everyone, I’ve gotten a good handful of new followers here lately, so I just wanted to say that you’re awesome, and thank you! I’m very touched to have people reading this story as it comes along.

That said, I’m hoping to have the next page finished soon – the inkwork is almost done, at this point – and I plan on getting some more sketchwork and things scheduled to post soon too.

Also, if there’s something in particular you’re interested in seeing, or have particular questions about Tock’s world, please feel free to e-mail, message or comment here!

I’m constantly exploring this world setup so I’d love to hear what you’re interested in finding out about.

All that said, thanks again, and I hope you keep enjoying it :)

Change in nature

I’ve been working on this comic for just over 3 years now (wow), and as you might have noticed, I’ve been struggling to keep any kind of a regular update schedule the whole time.

This has gotten especially difficult over the past year, due to health issues and other Real Life time demands.

I know this sounds like a comic cancellation notice, but its not. I just need to rethink how I’m going about this. Tock, Bumble, their friends and all their stories are still VERY important to me. But I need to do them justice, too.

So: From now on, “Tock the Gnome” will no longer function as a webcomic. I just can’t meet the kind of assumed schedule webcomics have to meet.

Instead, I’ll be looking at it as more of a graphic novel in-progress, and spending more time focusing on world building as well. This will, I hope, be for the best, since that will make a much more solid foundation for Tock’s story.

Updates will continue to be random, but I’ll hopefully be posting MORE of them (with the focus on world building, that is). Pages will be posted when I have time to do them – I hope to find a comfortable balance between spending time planning and spending time drawing. Luckily, some of that planning will involve sketching, so again, hopefully that means more posts. We’ll see.

IMPORTANT: This also means that some of the world building material will contain spoilers for the comic. I will tag them properly, but still. Be forewarned.

If you prefer to just watch for the pages, I’ll be posting those and canon-only illustration over on my deviantART page.

Thank you, so very much, if you choose to keep following (and for keeping an eye on this project so far). I still have big plans, and I hope to see them through, even though its happening differently than I planned when I started this site in 2010.

I hope you stick around to see what becomes of Tock and Bumble :)


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Just a quick thank you, in the meantime

Hi everyone. I just wanted to say thanks for your interest in my work, particularly this comic.

Below is a screencap of WordPress’s activity tracker for this site, in terms of visits, for this past year. I know I haven’t been posting a lot these last few months, but I’m still very flattered that so many people have taken a look at Tock and her story, and at how widespread those visits have been.

Wow, look at all of you, my goodness!

I’ve been catching up on other paid work recently, and still dealing with life-stuff, but big things are in the works. I hope to have another update soon, with hopefully some sketchwork or notes even sooner.  I’m also currently working on a plan for the first published volume, which will start happening once I get to a certain point in the story (which is a bunch more pages from now, but still). It may not always look like it, but this comic is still very important to me, and I hope to make something from it that really speaks to people.

So again, all of my thanks. Hope you’ll see more here soon :)

In-progress updates on Tumblr

Hello dear readers, this is just a quick note to say that I’ve made progress on the next page, AND I’ve been posting said progress on my Tumblr.

So if you’d like to see how its coming along so far, please take a look there! And in any case, I plan to have Page 50 finished and posted here very soon.

Thank you all for sticking with me, I hope you like what’s coming :)

Page 49 preview

There’s very little chance Page 49 will be up on time tomorrow, due to other claims on my time (as usual). The pencil work is done, though, and the ink work is just started, so I expect to have it up by Wednesday instead.

For your patience, though, here’s a preview of the first panel : )

Page 49 preview, "Tock the Gnome"



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No update this week

There will be no usual update this week, as I’m having certain problems at home that needed attention.

Instead, if you can, I ask that you take a look at something over on my main art site.

The problems I’ve mentioned are of the financial variety – to the point that I’m having a lot of trouble paying bills, including heat and rent – so I’ve put out a call for donations. If you choose to donate, you will be “repaid” in art.

Click here for more information (and examples of what art repayment is available).

Thanks as always to all of you for reading. There will be an actual Tock-related update, even if its not a full page, next week.

Page 45 for Tuesday.

Due to some technical difficulties with my home computer, page 45 will be up tomorrow, Tuesday January 8th, instead of today :(

Holiday update plans

Leave it to Tock to carry around her own mistletoe...


Tomorrow was supposed to be a page day, but the holidays have intervened, and I’ll be out of town before I can get the next page done. So above is a consolation Tock pin-up with some seasonal flair. Page 44 will be up on Monday December 31st, making Page 45 the first page of the new year (which works perfect, btw).

Thanks to all of you for following this story of mine. I appreciate every one of you :)

And below, if you like spoilers, is a little preview of the very next panel.




Page 44, panel 1, pencil work


I hope you all have a great, and safe, rest of the holiday season!


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Update: Page 42 will be up tomorrow

As usual, life has intervened with my comic plans, so page 42 will be up tomorrow instead of today.

In the meantime, here’s a preview:




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Sketch – Tock being pretty

Life has interfered with comic-drawing time this week, so things haven’t gone as planned, exactly. I really want to make sure I get the next page right because of reasons, so instead of rushing things, here’s Tock being distracting as usual:

Page 42 will be up between Wednesday and Friday of next week, at the latest.


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Notes/design for the trap Tock’s in



Obviously it was tweaked a bit during the process of drawing the last page, but this is what I had in mind.

Also, fun fact: originally the trap was going to grab both Tock and Bumble, but I couldn’t figure out how to make that work well enough. As it is, it works better for the story, anyway.

(You’ll see what I mean in about 3 pages.)


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Slight change in updates

There’s going to be a slight delay in updates for the next couple of weeks, as I catch up on some paid commission work.

If you want to see what I’m up to in the meantime, I’ll be posting progress on those commissions and some work that’s already finished over on my website and my Tumblr.

Also, I’m thinking of switching the official update day from Mondays to Wednesdays. Any thoughts?

Thanks as always for your patience :)


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Post delay

Just a note to say this week’s page will be up a little later than usual, in interesting of producing quality work. Thanks for understanding, and as always for reading :)

Sketch – Not the Best Week

Tock demonstrating how my week went (in general, with a few notable awesome exceptions). I meant to get Page 35 finished in time to immediately follow page 34, but that didn’t quite work out. It’ll be up next Monday instead.


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Sketch – Tock with Faerie

This will more than likely be finished in full color eventually (really, once I decide what color Tock’s hair is).

Also, anyone who lives in/near the Ithaca NY area may be interested in knowing that I have an art show going on. Three of the seven pieces I’m displaying relate to Tock’s world, and two of those haven’t been posted anywhere online yet. The reception is tomorrow, Tuesday June 12th, from 5 to 7 pm. If you’re able, I hope you consider stopping by :)


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Upcoming update schedule

Okay, some good news and bad news:

Good news first – I do have my computer back! Which means I’ve gotten some updates scheduled again, starting with Page 31 for next Monday, May 7th.

Bad news – its still not totally fixed. The original problem was that the monitor died, and its a laptop, so that’s kind of a big deal. I’m using an external monitor as a short-term solution, but its already driving me crazy (I’m constantly looking left as I use it) so I plan on taking it back to the shop very, very soon.

That said, Page 31 is now scanned and set to post on Monday.

The week after, May 14th, will be a filler sketch while the computer is (theoretically) in the shop again.

The week of May 21st, if I have my computer back and in total working condition, should be Page 32. And at that point, we’ll be back to regular updates (again, if everything’s fixed and shiny).

Thanks, as always, for your patience. Hope you look forward to Monday :)

Missed update and further delays

This is just a quick apology for the missed update today. Unfortunately, my computer is out of commission (again) and I didn’t schedule the update before that happened. This also means that I can’t access the files for the update either, so I can’t post from another system or schedule anything else to post in the meantime.

However, I do promise that something new will be up as soon as my computer is back to functioning.

Thanks to everyone in advance for your patience – I know this comes at the worst time, since I just came off a hiatus, but hopefully its a quick fix and we’ll be back to new material soon.

Some thoughts on PIPA/SOPA

I try not to talk about too many of my own opinions here, since I’m just trying to tell a story. But what’s going on with PIPA and SOPA makes me nervous, as a citizen and a webcomic artist.

Please take a moment, if you can, to watch this video. It explains the situation in a more visual way, for those of us who do better with that (rather than reading articles about it, that is).

The bills, both of them, are worded vaguely enough that many of us who post creative work on the internet for a living could be penalized harshly for even referencing something copyrighted by a major corporation. My own work here directly references another series in its title alone, and while I try to avoid direct references in the art itself, they sometimes pop up as homages to things that inspire me – not in the interest of EVER ripping something off, simply and purely in honor of those things, hoping that my readers might notice and appreciate the nod in that direction.

I’m honestly not sure how much at risk any of us would be for these kinds of references, but what I’ve learned so far worries me enough to speak my part. If any of you follow my more personal work, you’d notice that I also draw a lot of fanart. Again, as homages – never to insult or make money off of someone else’s work. But it seems the way these bills are working, there is a HUGE potential for abuse on the part of the corporations and the government.

So please, if you have a spare 5 minutes, take a look. Educate yourself.

SOPA appears to have been shelved for now, by the way, but PIPA is up for vote on the 24th.

Thank you.


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Tock returns early!

Earlier than expected, anyway.

None of my ideas for Gurukitty’s “Once Upon a Time” anthology have worked out at all, and at this point, its too late for me to start another one (the deadline is March 30th). As is often the case, timing between that and what’s going on in my life is just bad. Honestly, I’m quite disappointed – I very badly wanted to be a part of that project, as it speaks so much to me, but I need to accept that its not going to work out and move on.

That said, the silver lining is that “Tock the Gnome: The Rescue Quest” will be returning sooner than I planned :)

I’m still going to hold off on bringing back pages immediately, due to certain circumstances in my personal life (more on that at my illustration site tomorrow), but for now the tentative return date is March 1st.

Thank you all so much for your patience during this – even though the reason for the hiatus didn’t work out as planned, I still swear it will have been worth it.


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“Rescue Quest” on hiatus

As I mentioned before, current circumstances at my support-job have been really messing with my schedule and draining my energy. This has made it very difficult for me to produce any art work, especially for “Tock.” I’m officially back to Page updates now because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. But the truth is that the situation has not improved much.

On top of that, I’ve been presented with the opportunity to participate in the “Once Upon a Time” anthology, which – if I get in – means I’d be getting my work published. That would be a first for me, and its a subject I’m really, really passionate about, so its kind of a big deal. The problem is that I definitely don’t have the time/energy to focus on that and continue updating this comic on a semi-regular basis.

Because of all this, I’ve decided to put “Tock the Gnome: The Rescue Quest” on unofficial hiatus, just until my submission for Once Upon is complete. I hate doing this, but I think its for the best and – very importantly – I am NOT abandoning this story or these characters. I still have a lot to say with them and I intend on seeing it through, even if it takes a while.

Submissions for Once Upon are open until March 30, 2012, so we’ll be back to page updates the week after that at the very latest. In the meantime, I’ll still be working on world-building for “Tock,” so please keep watching/reading for bonus posts like that. Also, if anyone has anything they’d like to submit as filler (guest comics, fanart, etc.) please send them to, subject: “Tock the Gnome Filler” (thanks in advance to anyone who sends anything in!). And if you’re interested in seeing any of my other illustration work, including design work for my Once Upon submission (if they’ll let me post it), please check out my website/blog, Tumblr, or deviantART sites.

Finally, I want to thank you all for your patience. My circumstances make it difficult to update as regularly as most other webcomics do, but I appreciate each and every one of you that’s stopped in and taken a look. Please keep an eye out for those world-building posts (including the sketch series I started posting last week) and I promise, in Spring, it will be well worth the wait.

~ Rachel


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Upcoming Filler

Life has gotten a bit complicated recently, and will probably remain so for the next couple of weeks. As such, the next three weeks will be  bonus work (finished pieces too, not sketches) while things calm down.

Thank you for being patient with me. Page 29 will be up as soon as its done.

And please check out the Facebook Page, if you’re so inclined, for more up-to-date reports during the wait.


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Page 22

FirstPrevious ~ Next

This might be my favorite page so far.

Also, I recently registered the comic on and Click here to vote for Tock on TopWebComics!


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Page 21 Preview

Real life has put me behind on comic work this week, so Page 21 will be a few days late.

In the meantime, here’s an exclusive sneak peak.



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